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Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica
Gesù disse: "Io sono la Via, la Verià e la Vita.
Nessuno viene al Padre se non per mezzo di me"
                           Vangelo di Giovanni 14:6
Chiesa di Dio
Dalle h. 11:50 ca. è possibile seguire in diretta Facebook i messaggi della Domenica. Grazie
Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica - Ostia
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3W Team.
Praise God for this great group.
Please continue to pray and support them.
Click on the image to be redirected to the 3W Web Site.

May God bless all of you.
Easter Conference in our Church.
This year the topic was "Spiritual Revival".
We need more of His love and power in our lives so we can reach the world with His Gospel.

Relax (and food) with Lidia, Isabella from the Arco Church (North) Ken and I.

Nathan and Stacy Tatman
Join 3W Team!!!
The Kihm, after six years in Holland will move to Hungary - Budapest.

Pray for them.

For more information:
Vieni a trovarci:
Via Costanzo Casana, 249
00121 Ostia Lido Roma
Aggiornato il 01 Maggio 2019
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