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WINTER 2018:

Please pray for the “Italy Expansion Project” as the
Three Worlds
continue to look at encouraging Italy!

A wonderful Tri-S group came to visit us, our wonderful city and have
a great fellowship. Team leaders: Brent and Jennifer.

A Group from Switzerland came for a week to go around and give calendars for next year.
It has been a great blessing to have them here.

Street Evangelism:
Using a bus we reach the people
with the Gospel

Street Evangelism:
Prayer time before the meeting

Street Evangelism:
outside (it is written: I seek you. God)

Street Evangelism:
inside is a library and coffe corner

"Poiché Dio ha tanto amato il mondo che ha dato il Suo Unigenito figlio, affinchè chiunque crede in Lui non perisca ma abbia la vita eterna"

John 3:16 (Italian)

Three Baptism on Sunday 17th.

Warner Pacific’s vocal group:
Bridgetown (with my dauther Micaela).

Some Video Congratulation during
the Global Gathering 2013

In 8 min. 40 years of our history.
I hope that soon will translate in English.

Prayer Requests:
- To be genuinely humble and gentle in our personal life and ministry.
- To encourage fellow believers each day as we interact with them and reach out
to those in our neighborhood.
- For our two small churches in North Italy (in Arco and Treviso).

Click on the logo for the Facebook Link:

Thanks for supporting us through your prayers.

Daniele Santonocito
Pastor CHoG Italy

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